Excel files: Idemat and Ecoinvent, and eco-costs midpoint tables

There are three different ‘background’ datasets (‘scope 2 and 3’):

  • The scope 3 Idemat dataset, with some scope 2 data for heat and electricity, is based on a set of carefully selected LCIs from peer reviewed literature and scientific databases of universities. The latest version is
    Idemat 2023.xlsx
    (the version Idemat 2022RevA.xlsx is still available).
    The Idemat datasets contain Simapro output on eco-costs, carbon footprint, ReCiPe points, CED and EF.
    Note: For Dutch users, an IdematMKI dataset is available for the Dutch ‘Milieu Kosten Indicator’, based on the governmental policies in the Netherlands in 2004 (outside the Netherlands MKI does not make sense, and should not be applied).
  • The special scope 2 dataset for electricity is Idemat 2021 Global Electricity . It includes worldwide electricity data of  218 countries plus the  26 electricity regions in the US, 44 provinces in India, 13 provinces of Canada and 31 provinces in China
    Note 1: the emission data of the EU, USA, and Canada are more recent and accurate than the LCIs of Ecoinvent and Gabi, see for an explanation Electricity in LCA
    Note 2: the original calculation of the Idemat 2021 Global Electricity applies data from 2019. For 2020 and 2021 data were not stable because of covid-19. For 2022 data are not stable because of the war in the Ukraine. We will wait for 2023 data to make new calculations.
  • the Scope 2 and 3 Ecoinvent dataset with eco-costs (EI V3-8 with eco-costs.xlsx) is available behind password
    Note. Because of license restrictions, the Ecoinvent data sets are only available for students of the Delft University of Technology, with a net id, https://software.tudelft.nl/413/

Both datasets have more or less the same structure of LCI lines, so it is easy for students to check the differences. However, both datasets have differences in special areas:
Ecoinvent has more data on chemicals and chemical processes, Idemat is stronger in the field of product design and engineering. Both datasets are strong in types of electricity in different countries.
Specific features of Idemat are:

  • extra LCIs of alloys (frequently used by designers and engineers)
  • a correction of the “market mix” data of metals
  • extra LCIs of wood types (softwood types as well as hardwood types)
  • LCIs for electricity that are more up-to-date than Ecoinvent
  • newer data on sea and road transport
  • extra LCIs of End of Life (combustion, waste incineration, recycling)
  • the Agrifoodprint data on food

Simapro users can download an Import file of Idemat free of charge.
Open LCA commercial users pay a low fee for Idemat (but the software is free). For Academic users, Idemat in Open LCA is free.
The Idemat excel file is CCBY open access . It is the basis for the Idemat App for Materials Selection on IOS and Android, as well as the IdematLightLCA App.

Previous versions (to check old reports, theses, and papers) are available on request.

Eco-costs midpoint tables on ‘foreground’ processes (‘scope 1’)

For calculations on “foreground processes” the eco-costs 2023 V1.0 data on emissions (over 58.000 substances) and resource depletion can be found in the table below (open access at the internet).

Ecocosts2023_V1-0_midpoint_tables.xlsx excel file (0.8 MB)

Previous versions are available on request

Social eco-costs

For calculations on social-eco-costs the eco-costs 2012 V3.3 data (which are applied in Simapro) can be found in:

s-eco-costs 2012 V3.3 data in Simapro.xlsx excel file (0,8 MB) (for s-eco-costs of other countries see OSH data)