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The Foundation statutes are in the Dutch language, and can be found here.
The Aim of the foundation, as described in Article 2 of the Statutes is:

  1. The purpose of the foundation is to scientifically stimulate Sustainable Production and Consumption, by:
    (a) establishing, maintaining, expanding, and promoting quantitative data through calculation systems (“metrics”) to determine the social costs (“external costs”) of products and services;
    (b) making this information publicly available.

    The foundation also aims to perform all further actions, which related to the aforementioned purpose in the broadest sense or could be conducive to this.

  2. The foundation tries to achieve its goal, among other things, by updating of the Idemat files and the eco-costs system by:
    (1) keeping track of scientific literature and processing it;
    (2) processing data from Sponsors’ research;
    (3) publishing the data on a website;

The policy is that current expenses are supported by sponsor money.