The mission of the Sustainability Impact Metrics foundation

“What gets measured gets done”

The mission statement of the Sustainability Impact Metrics foundation is:
“Stimulation of sustainable production and consumption by providing environmental and social data (the so-called externalities) for free”.
This mission is accomplished by maintenance and expansion of two datasets:

  • The system of the ECO-COSTS for monetizing of eco-burden
  • The IDEMAT excel file of generic data on products, processes, services, transport and energy,
    for background processes in LCA and ‘scope 3’ data in the GHG protocol

These two datasets enable:

  • LCA calculations (“Fast Track”), without making concessions to accuracy
  • monetization of EPDs and PEF calculations
  • calculations of annual environmental reporting on company level (based on ERP data), as well as TCA (true costs accounting) in agriculture

It is the belief of the Sustainability Impact Metrics foundation that all data must be available on the internet, free of change, so that every SME, designer, manager, architect, and student has open access. Transparency of the calculations are key to general acceptance, and calculations should be based on peer reviewed papers in science.

The foundation is not-for-profit. The Board and the Advisory Committee will supervise that the independence and objectivity of the dataset is guaranteed (no influence whatsoever by any partner that is funding the foundation by sponsorship).