Lectures at the University:

LCA part 1 (English dubbing) by Joost Vogtländer
introduction and basics

INNOMAT course:

Innomat Module 1 Block 1:
LCA introduction

LCA deel 1 (Dutch) door Joost Vogtänder
introductie en basisprincipe

Innomat Module 1 Block2:
LCA, basics

Examples Eco-efficient Value Creation

Stikstof lezing Rotterdam (Dutch) by Joost Vogtländer
het bedrijfskundig perspectief ala oplossing

LCA part 2 (English dubbing) by Joost Vogtländer
example, and circular calculations

Innomat Module 1 Block 3:
LCA for circular systems

Eco-efficient Value Creation  of a boat

LCA deel 2 (Dutch) by Joost Vogtländer
voorbeeld, en circulaire berekeningen

Innomat Module 2:
Critical Raw Materials and LCA 

The sustainable dance floor

Product Service Systems by Joost Vogtlander
examples of eco-efficient value creation

Innomat Module 3:
Circular business models and business model canvas

Idemat and IdematLightLCA:

Idemat Materials Selection
Instruction video 1 

What means eco-costs in business (English dubbing), intervieuw

Innomat Model 4 Block 1:
Eco-efficient Value Creation in product innovation

IdematLightLCA app for LCA at your fingertips,
Instruction video 2

De betekenis van ecokosten voor het bedrijfsleven (Dutch), intervieuw

Innomat Module 4 Block 2:
examples and exercises on eco-efficient value creation

IdematLightLCA app, the basics:
a short combined instruction video (for workshops)

What means the Eco-costs/Value Ratio for your business strategy? (English dubbing), interview

De betekenis van de ecokosten/waarde verhouding voor de bedrijsstrategie (Dutch), intervieuw