S-LCA Tool

The need for a Tool for S-LCA calculations

This tool is designed for the selection of countries in the supply chain of products. It is based on generic data of countries, however, it can be used also when specific data for specific sites are known.
To calculate the s-eco-costs of a product, quite complex equations must be applied, on the basis rather a lot of data in the supply chain. It is a lot of work to gather specific data (see the Anker & Anker approach). For ex ante benchmarking, however, the Anker&Anker (ex post) calculations do not make sense: analyses based on country average data seem to be much more practical. The required data, based on statistics of countries can be found at the internet. The tool provides these data in tables, and provides the equations for calculations.
When you fill in the shopfloor hours per country of each step (activity) in the production chain, the tool provides a fair estimate of the s-eco-costs. When you have better data for your specific activities, just override the general data (i.e. wage levels, OSH data, etc), to get more accurate results. Note that the tool provides wage data that are based on the official minimum wage rates in a country (when a country has that by law).

The S-LCA tool and the guide for help

Press the button to download the empty S-LCA Excel Tool, the S-LCA Tool with the example of the Textile production chain, and the short the Step by step Guide:

The data which are required at minimum are the white cells in the picture below: