Two tools for easy calculations in excel for designers, architects and business managers

The issue

Fast Track LCA calculations on carbon footprint and/or eco-costs, making use of the Idemat look-up tables, are quite simple to use for everybody who has some experience in excel. The way such a calculation can be structured in a spreadsheet is explained in the second and third video of the Innomat course. Although this standard approach offers a maximum of flexibility, most of the students like to have a “tool” that combines quick results (i.e. quick graphical presentations of data), with a maximum of flexibility.
Such an excel tool has been designed by Jeremy Faludi of the Delft University of Technology, to be applied in design electives and workshops, where maximum result is to be achieved in a minimum of time.
Another tool has been developed by The Footprinters for designers that want to select the best design option , see Footprintcalc.
The first tool is presented here as a simplified case (a Volvo C40 Recharge electrical car), which can easily be changed by replacing the Bulk of Materials and the required energy, as well as the links to the Idemat datasheet.
The step by step instruction Guide shows how to get started, by deleting the links, and building a new spreadsheet for the Volvo C40 Recharge (or, if you want another case).

The tool and the guide for help

Press the button to download the empty Excel Tool, the Tool filled with the Volvo example, or the Step by step Guide:

You will experience that you can make maximum use of the standard excel functions to minimize your work.

See instantly the results of your input

To calculate the eco-costs, you link the cell in column C (see adjacent Figure) to the Idemat name in de Idemat tab, and copy/paste column C to column D.
To calculate the carbonfootprint, copy paste the worksheet in total to a new tab, and change all ‘!G’ in ‘!L’ (by doing so you replace all eco-costs scores with carbon footprint scores).
Leave out items that have less impact than 2%.

Note: It is possible to insert lines in the worksheet, however, do not forget then to update the table in column Y through AJ.

Examples of quick LCA calculations by this Excel Tool

Refrigerator , Fridge freezer combination, 350 liters, 84.6 kg, EU energy label C, 163 kWh/year

Sportswear, 1 kg, blend 40% cotton, 40% viscose, 20% Sorona (elastane), made in China, used in Europe (50 washes, label B kg washing machine: 220 washes per year of 8 kg, 120 kWh)