Download of databases for Simapro and OpenLCA

Simapro software: eco-costs method, Idemat LCIs, and Ecoinvent LCIs 

  1. the ecocosts 2022 V1.1 csv for Simapro Version 9.4
    Import this file in Methods. Note. Define in Units: Euro 1.16 USD, to avoid an error message during the import session
  2. Idemat 2022RevA csv for Simapro 9.4 (for academic year 2021-2022)
    This is a library file, to be used in the academic year 2021 – 2022.
  3. Ecoinvent V3.8 for ecocosts calculations, “cut off”, unit, csv for Simapro 9.4
    (a) list of required modifications in Ecoinvent LCIs (fossil fuels embedded in materials, also required in EN15804), see Excel file
    (b) CSV file on request, only for Ecoinvent v3 licensees

OpenLCA software: eco-costs method, Idemat LCIs, and Ecoinvent LCIs

First, OpenLCA software is to be downloaded from OpenLCA download. and installed.
After that, two files can be downloaded and imported in the OpenLCA software:

  1. Idemat 2022RevA
  2. Ecoinvent V3.8 for ecocosts calculations (at the bottom of the page)

the eco-costs calculation method is already included in these files.

Click here for the quick_guide_to_OpenLCA and the
Information on Idemat and advice on Open LCA (essential information for LCA practitioners)