References on the eco-costs and the EVR model

Publications by Joost Vogtlander:

0.0 All recent papers on eco-costs
by the Delft University of Technology
PURE database


1.0 Sustainable Design Series of Delft University of Technology Book: Joost G. Vogtländer et al.; LCA-based assessment of sustainability: the Eco-costs/Value Ratio (EVR). Original publications on the theory, updated with eco-costs 2007 data, VSSD, Delft, 2010. ( ISBN 978-90-6562-233-4
1.1 Sustainable Design Series of Delft University of Technology Book: Joost G. Vogtländer: A practical guide to LCA, for students, designers and business managers; Cradle-to-Grave and Cradle-to-Cradle, third edition, DAP, Delft, 2014. ( ISBN 978-90-6562-3614
1.2 Sustainable Design Series of Delft University of Technology Book: Joost G. Vogtländer: A quick reference guide LCA DATA and eco-based materials selection, DAP, Delft, 2011. ( ISBN 978-90-6562-263-1
1.3 Sustainable Design Series of Delft University of Technology Book: Joost G. Vogtländer. Eco-efficient Value Creation, sustainable strategies for the circular economy, second edition, DAP, Delft, 2014. ( ISBN 978-90-6562–368-3
1.4 Sustainable Design Series of Delft University of Technology Book: P. van der Lugt, J.G. Vogtländer, J.C. Brezet; Bamboo, a sustainable Solution for Western Europe. Design cases, LCAs and Land-use, 2009. Published by DAP, Delft ( ISBN 978-90-6562-196-2.

Original references (based on eco-costs 1999):

2.0 The full EVR model, with calculations on the basis of eco-costs ’99
Summary of the PhD dissertation
PhD dissertation: J.G. Vogtländer; The model of the Eco-costs / Value Ratio, a new LCA based decision support tool, Delft University of Technology, DfS, Delft, 2001
2.1 Full Thesis + extra Chapter on recycling of building materials; eco-costs ’99 Book: J.G. Vogtländer and Ch. F.Hendriks; The eco-costs / Value Ratio, materials and ecological engineering. Aeneas technical publishers, Boxtel, The Netherlands, 1st edition 2002, 2nd edition 2004
2.2 The theory on the VPPC ’99
= Chapter 2 of the Thesis
J.G. Vogtländer, A. Bijma; The “virtual pollution prevention costs ’99”, a single LCA-based indicator for emissions,
Int. J. LCA, 5 (2), pp.113 -124, 2000
2.3 The theory on the eco-costs ’99, EVR, economic allocation
= Chapter 3 of the Thesis
J.G. Vogtländer, H.C. Brezet, Ch.F. Hendriks; The Virtual Eco-costs ’99, a single LCA-based indicator for sustainability and the Eco-costs / Value Ratio (EVR)model for economic allocation,
Int. J. LCA, 6 (3) pp 157-166, 2001
2.4 The theory of the EVR model on recycling and End of Life
= Chapter 4 of the Thesis
J.G. Vogtländer, Ch. F. Hendriks, J.C. Brezet; Allocation in recycle systems: an integrated model for the analyses of environmental impact and economic value,
Int. J. of LCA, Vol. 6 (6) , pp 344-355, 2001
2.5 The EVR model on design strategy,
= Chapter 5 of the Thesis
J.G. Vogtländer, Ch.F. Hendriks, H.C. Brezet; The EVR model as a tool to optimise a product design and to resolve strategic dilemmas,
J. of Sustainable Product Design, Vol. 1 Nr. 2, 2001, pp 103-116
2.6 On customer choices,
the Duoble Filter Model and the 3 Stakeholders Model
= part Chapter 8
J.G. Vogtländer, A. Bijma, H. Brezet; Communicating the eco-efficiency of products and services by means of the EVR Model,
J. of Cleaner Production 10, 2002, pp. 57-67
2.7 On eco-costs of land-use
in LCA and EIA
= part of Chapter 7 of the Thesis
J.G. Vogtländer, E. Lindeijer, J.-P. M. Witte, Ch. Hendriks; Chacterizing the change of land-use based on Flora: application for EIA and LCA,
J. of Cleaner Production, 12, 2004, pp.47-57, and
Virtual Journal of Environmental Sustainability, Volume 1, Issue 1, july 2003,.
2.8 EVR in general,
business strategy and
governmental strategy
Ch.F. Hendriks†, J.G. Vogtländer, & Ms. G.M.T. Janssen; The Eco-costs/Value Ratio, a tool to determine the long-term strategy of de-linking economy and environmental ecology,
International Journal of Ecodynamics, Volume 1, Nr 2, 2006, pp 136-148
2.9 LCA on transport in transportpackaging
recalculation of Chapter 6 of the Thesis
J.G. Vogtländer; Corrugated Board Boxes and Plastic Container Systems: an analyses of costs and eco-costs,
FEFCO (European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers), 2004

the original report was the master thesis of E. Brantjes: De ecokosten van transport, 1999 (in Dutch), available on request

Contributions to books and procedings

3.1 Ch.F. Hendriks, J.G. Vogtlander, The eco-costs/value-ratio. In CA Brebbia, JF Martin-Duque, & LC Wadhwa (Eds.), The sustainable city II: urban regeneration and sustainability (Advances in architecture, 14) (pp. 559-569). Southampton: WIT Press, 2002.
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3.5 C.F. Hendriks, G.M.T. Janssen, J.G. Vogtlander; The assessment of recycled materials with the Eco-costs/Value Ratio Model. In R.K. Dhir, M.D. Newlands, & T. D. Dyer (Eds.), Sustainable Waste Management (pp. 801-814). London: Thomas Telford Publishing, 2003.

Publications on housing by Dr. Tim de Jonge

4.1 Tijdschrift voor Bouwkostenkunde & Huisvestingseconomie (TBH), 10 papers on the eco-costs of buildings (Dutch), downloadable at
4.2 T. de Jonge; Ecokosten doorgerekend. Nieuw bouwen of renoveren? BouwIQ, 2007
4.3 T. de Jonge: Sustainable Housing Investments, Summary
4.4 Scholten,de Wildt, Huppes, van Ewijk, de Jonge. Gevoeligheidsanalyse van vraagstukken over milieuprestatie-eisen voor gebruiksfuncties in het Bouwbesluit 2012, eindrapportage 2013

Doctorate studies and postdoc publications

5.1 PhD dissertation: de Jonge, T. Cost effectiveness of sustainable housing investments., 2005
5.2 PhD dissertation: van der Lugt, P. Design Interventions for Stimulating Material Commercialization Dutch Design meets Bamboo. 2008
5.3 PhD dissertation: Mestre, A. Cork Design: A Design Action Intervention Approach Towards Sustainable Product Innovation. 2014
5.4 PhD dissertation: Van der Velden, N.M. Making Fashion Sustainable: The Role of Designers. 2016
5.5 PhD dissertation: A Scheepens, A. ; sustainable watertourism Appendix A
5.6 Scheepens A. SusPSS-friesland-calculation
5.7 PhD dissertation: Visser, M. Increasing the sustainable consumption of mainstream consumers. 2022

Publications of MSc students

6.1 L. Meijer; Verkennend onderzoek naar de mogelijkheid om het secondair effluent van de nieuwe RWZI Amsterdam-West te gebruiken als bron voor de drinkwaterproductie van WLB Amsterdam, Delft University of Technology, Water management, 2006
6.2 A. Scheepens:; The Rebicycle: a cradle to cradle approach to the sustainable design of a bicycle, Delft University of Technology, 2009
6.3 M Bijleveld: The design of a wooden bycicle parking system, Delft University of Technology, 2009
6.4 O Sminia: Vrachtfiets and the C2C islands, Delft University of Technology, 2010 (coference paper, MSc thesis on request)
6.5 E.A. Dölle: Trash to Treasure: Turning waste into sustainable and enjoyable applications for Dierenpark Emmen Next, Delft University of Technology, 2010
6.6 D. Lans: An Exploration Towards Sustainability for furniture manufacturing. Delft University of Technology, 2011
6.7 M. van Sebille: Cradle to Cradle geïntegreerde zonnecellen, Delft University of Technology, 2010 and Bijlagen
6.8 I. Ruiz: LCA of a small electrical garbage collector truck “Binkie”. Delft University od Technology, 2011
6.9 R.A.C. Ingenegeren: Material analysis and environmental improvement of a flat panel television, Delft university of Technology, 2011
6.10 R. van der Helm, Communicating sustainable footware, Delft University of Technology, 2012
6.11 M. van den Broek, Design of sustainable bridges, Delft University of technology, Delft University of Technology 2012
6.12 M. Kulik, A visual life cycle analysis, for architects (bamboo as alternative), Delft University of Technology, 2013
6.13 R.C. Caro, Optimizing the Superbus Transport Concept Through a Life Cycle Assessment. delft University of Technology, 2013
6.14 Klaassen N.C. Sustainable Public Street Lighting (example eco-efficient value creation), Delft University of Technology, 2013 and Appendices
6.15 Mazurek J. Consumer Reactions to a Second Price Tag; an effective communication tool for environmentally friendly prurchasing behavior? 2019 University of Nuremberg

Handbooks on the LCA method

7.1 International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) Handbook:
General guide for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) – Detailed guidance, see
7.2 J.B. Guinee (Ed.); Handbook on Life Cycle Assessment, Operational Guide to the ISO Standards, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 2002
To get a copy, see