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Idemat (short for Industrial Design & Engineering MATerials database) is the LCI (Life Cycle Inventory) set of databases
of the Delft University of Technology and maintained by the Design for Sustianability Group of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.

There are two different datasets for designers and engineers:
- the Idemat dataset, which can be regarded as a selection and extension of the Ecoinvent dataset
- the Idematapp dataset, based on a set of carefully selected LCIs from peer reviewed literature and scientific databases of universities

Both datasets have more or less the same LCI lines, so it is easy for students to check the differences. In the past, the Ecoinvent LCIs were regarded as "the truth", However, these data have a rather confusing unstability: data for e.g. some metals, fluctuated more than a factor 2 (!) over the last revisions 2.2 to 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2. Although the Ecoinvent version 2 data were well documented, the picture of the version 3 data becomes increasingly blurred. It is less clear where the aforementioned fluctuations originate from. This is one of the reasons that the Idematapp dataset might be preferred: it is much more stable and transparent (backed by scientific papers and databases from other universities), and in crucial areas like (sea)transport it is more up-to-date. Simapro users can download an Import file of Idematapp free of charge.

Idemat is based on Ecoinvenent LCIs, the Danish food database, and data from Caimbridge Engineering Selector (CES) plus some LCIs based on own research (such as for textile processing).
The reason to make this extra set of LCIs were:

- extra LCIs of alloys (frequently used by designers and engineers)
- a correction of the "market mix" data of metals (Ecoinvent data are outdated)
- extra LCIs of wood types (softwood types as well as hardwood types)
- a specific selection of LCIs for electricity, heat and transport
- extra LCIs of End of Life (combustion, waste incineration, recycling)
- the Agrifoodprint data on food and extra manufacturing processing data from CES Edupack
- eliminate double counting (of CO2 and fossil fuels) of electricity in eco-costs

Idemat as well as Idematapp is available for Simapro (for licence holders of Ecoinvent), free of charge. See download page

The results of the Simapro calculations are available on this website, tab data.

Apart from the Idematapp 2016, there are 5 versions of Idemat up-to-date: Idemat2008, Idemat 2010, Idemat2012, Idemat 2014, and Idemat 2016:

- Idemat2008 is based on Ecoinvent v2.0; output tables in Excel contain data for the Eco-costs 2007 Ecoindicator '99, BEES, CED and kgCO2 equiv.
- Idemat2010 is based on Ecoinvent v2.2; output tables in Excel contain data for the Eco-costs 2007, Recipe, CED and kgCO2 equiv.
- Idemat2012 is based on Ecoinvent v2.2; output tables in Excel contain data for the Eco-costs 2010, Recipe, CED and kgCO2 equiv.
- Idemat2014 is based on Ecoinvent v3.0; output tables in Excel contain data for the Eco-costs 2012, Recipe, CED and kgCO2 equiv

- Idemat2016 is based on Ecoinvent v3.2; output tables in Excel contain data for the Eco-costs 2012 V3.3, Recipe, CED and kgCO2 equiv

Unfortunately, there are several websites which still show outdated data (Idemat2002 and even older).
This is the disadvantage of our open access policy, however the open source policy will be maintained to support people who want to make and LCA.

For the IdematApp data and the IdematApp tool, available at the App Store and at the Google Play store, see www.idematapp.com.
For a demo video klick here.

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